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Finally, the answer to the question, how do I attract my dream clients, and enroll them into my offer, without a big following!?

magnetize clients directly to you while staying #authentic

Show up consistently and charm potential clients by being you.

Make more money this month and feel fully supported doing it.

Easily sell your offer in a soul aligned way to live a more purposeful and prosperous life, doing what you love.



Most New Coaches and Online Facilitators Aren't Making Those 10k Months You Hear About All The Time

But with a few little tweaks, the right know-how and support it is absolutely possible.

You're done working for someone else's dream, you know you are a great transformational facilitator, and you're ready to live a more prosperous life, doing what you love.


You feel frustrated with the content hamster wheel, and not enough money to show for it.


You think you don't have a big enough following and you're not sure what to say to help you stand out and make sales.


You've tried posting on social media, and talking about what you offer, but clients aren't coming to you ready to buy like you dreamed they would.

Would you like to make showing up online easy,? Would you like to know exactly what to say to make more sales in your online biz, & even hit that coveted 10k month you've dreamed about?

I'm offering you this ultimate tool kit to help you cultivate a standout brand and make more sales, so that you can make a bigger impact in the world.

What you've previously been taught about selling is preventing you from offering your gifts and talents in the world, when the world needs them most. Let's magnetize your next clients with ease.

Hey There!

I'm Christina Gomes a travel loving, rebel entrepreneur and founder of

One of my most life changing moments was creating a 10k month in my online coaching business without having to work harder for it.

Now I help other coaches, creatives and dreamers, show up authentically online, be their own boss, and get paid to create.

I'm offering you my best scripts, templates and resources to help you cultivate a consistent brand message that magnetizes clients to you and easily sells out your offers, so that you can live a life FULL of prosperity, doing what you love.

Here's What You'll Find Inside


9 page template that maps out the soul essence of your brand, making consistent messaging & showing up authentically, easy.

Completely customizable in Canva, plus the PDF version included.

Refer to this document before making any business decisions to stay in alignment and sell with soul.


Sell in a way that feels good for both you and your potential client.

Know exactly what to say to hold space for the sale.

This is a high converting sales script and 7 page sales guide that will teach you a soulful way to sell, plus the plug and play templates to make this script your own.

Sell out your offers, while being true to who you are.


Consistency with your visual messaging helps your brand essence stand out.

Allow who you are to be represented consistently in your content.

Customize this guide to fit your style. Add your favorite colors, fonts, and logos and reference this tool before posting to remember your truth and offer with ease.


Don't know what to price your offer, or pricing too low?

Grab my Revenue Workbook and calculator plus step by step training on how to use it.

Up level your mindset so that you can price your offers at a premium today.


Remember Who You Are And What You Came Here To Do!

"Straight away I was impressed by the detailed, factual information she delivers with ease and humour and I immediately thought “She knows what she is doing”. "

Dom Hatcher
Yoga Educator & Kirtan Facilitator

"Investing in Christina's program proved to be an investment in my own sense of self-value. "

Chachi Crisler

"You can apply this information to anything you want to teach or share online and that is a priceless gift in these uncertain times. She shares as a revolutionary act of service to the collective that is helping to bring about and create the New Earth we are all birthing right now."

Claire Hughes
Singer Songwriter & Performer

"I gained confidence on sharing my work and specialising on "dream clients". I have an absolute different understanding about marketing now"

Mahé Nele Nashi
Therapist & Transformational Facilitator

"This brilliant creative mentor is so amazing on so many levels! So sharp, wise organized and full of clear ideas that come from both the heart and business mind! I knew there was so much I didn't know and wasn't sure how to go about learning it on my own. I 100% immediately could feel the line up of our energy. Creatives, free spirits, & visionaries should jump in."

Heather Angelheart
Elemental Experience Facilitator



You were selling out workshops, coaching packages and offers with ease just for being you, while making more money in your biz then you ever thought possible.


You didn't have to worry about what to say to attract your next clients & you knew exactly what to say to enroll them into your program on a call.


You could do all this by working less, BEING more, and staying true to what matters to you most.

Stand Out, Sell More, and Feel Fully Supported! Join My Stand Out Brand and Sales Tool Kit Today.


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