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Untame your voice & free your creativity. When your voice aligns with your truth, you can accomplish any creative endeavor. Creativity is your birthright, its time to live a life of purpose & play.


Be the first of a group of badass creatives in my untamed voices collective by enrolling in this 6 week course to become a conscious creative.

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What Is a Conscious Creative?

Enrollment Begins October 19th 2019

A Conscious creative is a human who creates their life from a place of awareness & who shares their voice from a deeper truth.
A Conscious creative takes their deepest hurts, their hardships, or setbacks and turns them into art.
Conscious creatives inspire others to rise up from stagnancy and into creativity.
A Conscious creative lives their life like a work of art.

Release Creative Blocks

Say bye bye to the beliefs and blocks that are limiting your creative potential. Start showing up fully in your creative truth & learn how to trust your creative flow.

Untame Your Voice

Align your voice with your truth so that creative energy flows naturally, and you start to speak, sing, write, & share with confidence and ease. 

Reclaim Your Power

Reclaim your power to create the life of your wildest dreams. You write the story of your life. How you show up in the world, shapes the world around you. BE THE CHANGE.

  • Are you making a transition to a more creative life and you're seeking inspiration and guidance?

  • Are you an artist, a writer, dancer, poet, musician, designer, singer, or creative that feels stuck, or stagnant?

  • Do you feel like you could be creating from a deeper, more meaningful place? 

  • Are you about to embark on a creative endeavor and not sure where to begin, or losing the words to express what it all means to you?

  • Are you just NOW realizing yourself as a creative person, and want to meet your people?

  • Are you a Yoga teacher or service based entrepreneur and want your expressive, authentic voice to come through in your sessions and invitations?

Conscious Creative Academy is my proven program that will help you to:

  • Tap into a well of creative energy already within you
  • Hear your inner truth above the noise
  • Believe in yourself and own your creative voice
  • Release creative blocks in a playful and powerful way
  • Unleash the power of your voice and have the confidence to trust your decisions
  • Go forward living a creative life & know your blocks so deeply that you'll see them coming from a mile away
  • Start and finish that creative project because you'll know you're worth it
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Join Counscious Creative Academy & Become a Member Of The Untamed Voices Collective

Join the movement of untamed voices in this 6 week online course to get you from creatively blocked to owning your expressive voice and unlocking your creative potential.

Members Receive:

  • Entire 6 week digital course with lifetime access to study and retake as many times as you creatively desire.
  • 1 BONUS group coaching call
  • Direct access to me and my creative friends to help you own your creative voice in the world.
  • Be a part of a group of badass creatives that are getting ready to own their power to make real change through their creative expression.

The change starts with YOU and releasing anything that is holding you back. This course will help you do that.

Join The Creative Movement

Conscious Creative Academy is a 6 Week Home Study Course To Free Your Creativity

Plus Weekly LIVE Q & A's and a group coaching call to kick off your creative life. Access to the course library begins on October 19th

  • 6 MODULES: over 40 lessons, guided practices, and writing prompts that you can return to whenever you feel creatively blocked. Think LIFE TIME ACCESS to a vault of creative practices, meditations and guidance. All updates and additions as the course grows. Plus yourbeautifully designed workbook that doubles as a journal.

  • AWARENESS: Each module is rich with video lessons on creative theory, connected with your own psychology, so you will understand your blocks so deeply they won't be able to surprise you anymore! Plus video & audio guided practices to clear creative blocks away with love and intention. 

  • COMMUNITY VIBES: Get access to the exclusive Facebook group where we will have a weekly LIVE Q&A for the course, as well as share our creative dreams, songs, poems, books written, & creative business ideas from the lessons in this course. Creativity is limitless when you give yourself the space to create.

  • GROUP COACHING CALL: 1 group coaching call with me to deepen the practices and map out your creative passions. 

  • CLARITY: Get crystal clear about your creative purpose and playfully show it off to the world with ease.


  • a 1hr saucy sacred slow flow Yoga class offered by yours truly to embody your creative freedom,

  • Meditation music, poetry, and playlists from me and my creative friends

  • My Book Om Chanting For Creativity

  • A specially designed master class on slaying your imposter syndrome!

    All for $297 or 3 monthly payments of $111

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Be abundant in your gifts and talents

When your voice aligns with your deep inner truth, the truth that knows you are a badass creative, the truth that understands that what you have to say, sing, write, and move into the world is important, all of your work in the world WILL FEEL LIKE PLAY.

Find Out What People Are Saying About Freeing Their Creativity

"Christina is an extremely open, fun, disarming individual. Christina’s use of toning to open the chakras is powerful and she is a brilliant yoga and meditation guide. She helped me to shift my perspective of myself, & feel my truth, allowing me to embrace creativity in areas I felt uncomfortable to explore. I have gone through a huge shift in my journey and she assisted me in the process. Highly recommend her work!"

Amy Perez
World Traveler & Poet

"Christina’s workshops and retreat allowed me to really open up and clear away a lot of the walls that I put up around myself. The process was emotional, powerful, and most importantly, playful. Healing is no longer a tool to fix me, rather a part of me. We all have the ability to live a life of joy and happiness, it helps to have someone to support you in unlocking that ability. I recommend her guidance to anyone who is lost, looking to heal, or just wants to have some fun in a self-fulfilling way."

Martin Boyton

"Christina holds a space for true authentic expression, through her own example of this, it gives others the safety and comfort to explore their own vulnerability. The workshops I experienced touched deep parts of myself and gave me tools to take in to my everyday life. Her retreats are full of so much laughter, joy and bliss."

Sound Healer & Soulful Entrepreneur

"The creativity circle Christina shared with us in retreat, actually brought tears to my eyes as I sang from my heart in front of people for the first time in as long as I can remember ❤️ Her energy created a warm and safe space as we moved through a chakra meditation before ending with more song and laughter. For anyone who gets the chance to attend one of her circles or workshops I highly recommend it!"

Sophia Heller
Yoga Teacher & Creative Writer

"We are the wild ones, a song on our breath"

Christina Gomes MA

Our Course Together

Bring this 6 week retreat experience into your home, and learn at your own pace. You can return again and again to the guided practices to go deeper than a one off program can give. Plus you'll be part of a mastermind of untamed voices that can collaborate on future creations.

Week 1. Creative Life Energy & Your Flow

Wisdom, theory and practice lessons to get your creative energy flowing. Let's set a foundation and a framework for your creative life.

Week 2. Sound Space & Stillness

Video lessons and guided meditations to get you in touch with your truth, & the essence of your true nature. Build a ritual around your creative life.

Week 3: Believing in Yourself

Lessons and practice videos that will rewire the neural pathways of your mind for creative success.

Week 4: Chakra Psychology

Demystifying the Chakra System, relating the symbols of the chakras to aspects of our psyche to uncover anything that is holding you back.

Week 5: Untame Your Voice

The science of sound, & sound healing practices to release creative blocks on a deep energetic level. Once your mindset has shifted, it's time to work on the spirit of creativity through sound.

Week 6: Free Your Creativity

Free play, passion mapping & showing off your creations. By week 6 you will have unearthed a deeper truth, released creative blocks and feel confident to show up in your creative life.

Become a Conscious Creative

I am starting a collective of wild, untamed voices ready to reclaim their power, and creatively express their truth. Join the Creative Movement.

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, I've got you covered.

I believe within each of us is an inner artist waiting to be expressed, in fact you are creative whether you are conscious of it or not. We are creating each moment with our thoughts, actions, and truths. When you get in touch with your inner truth, creative energy starts to flow and you will begin to write, sing, dance, and make art naturally. In this course we are creating the space for you to tap into all that is already within you.

First, success is such a loaded word, and I'm here to deprogram the norm.

Once you start to become "busy" with your creative dreams, you start to transcend time.

We must, as a humanity, start to value singing, writing, drawing and simply BEING as quality uses of our time.

But for the busy peeps in the world, I've broken the course into 6 modules and you can play for as long as it creatively serves you in each module.

You have lifetime access to the course material.

The course flows, like a song, with a chorus and a melody, but it doesn't have to be linear. Play inside my wild one and be free.

I don't know your financial struggles, but I know my own.

I once had a creative block that didn't allow me to invest in my creative dreams. I used to think I wasn't worth it.

Once I released that block, and started valuing my creations, I began to know my worth as a conscious creative. AND I unlocked the abundance codes that are available to all of us.

You are worth it, and at what cost are you willing to continue feeling stagnant, unclear, or resisting all the abundant creativity waiting for you on the other side of this course?

Witch you got talents, let me help you uncover them.

On October 19th You get the entire 6 week home study course with

  • video lessons,
  • guided practice videos
  • audio & PDF downloads.
  • A straight up gorgeously designed workbook that doubles as a journal 
  • immediate access into our private FB group with 6 Live Q&A's
  • One Group Coaching Call 
  • Weekly Email Support


A Conscious creative is a human who creates their life from a place of deep knowing & who shares their voice from a deeper truth. Conscious creatives inspire others to rise up from stagnancy and into creativity. A Conscious creative takes their deepest hurts, their hardships, or setbacks and turns them into art. A Conscious creative lives their life like a work of art.

Would You Like To Know More?

Becoming a conscious creative is a course full of creative inspiration & step by step guidance to draw out your creative purpose in a playful way. Are you ready to untame your voice? within each one of us is an inner artist waiting to be expressed. This course helps you uncover what is already within you.

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Want To Hear My Story?

I'm Christina Gomes and I'm a Yoga Psychologist, a vocal empowerment leader, and a conscious creative. Mostly I write songs that touch upon the depths of our existence and I sing them in the forests and along side the rivers.


Song Version of My Invitation Inside This Course

When words are not enough to convince you that this is a great decision, a beautiful investment, and that your creative truth matters. You gotta sing about it.


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