YOU'RE READY TO BE A HIGH VALUE GUIDE!...But your current prices have you feeling underpaid

The part that hits your heart is knowing that as your own boss, you're paying yourself.

The great news is, you chose your prices & you can choose a higher price. You want to raise your rates, but you're afraid that you'll have to add more to your offer or justify to people why you raised your price.

What if you could raise your rates in 44 days without having to change ANYTHING about your offer?


What if you could eliminate money worries for good with a pricing structure that makes raising your rates feel easeful and brings your bank account into overflow?


What if you could double even triple your price without needing to justify your pay raise to the world?


Introducing DEEP MONEY™ an initiation into raising your rates with integrity 



  • You don't need to lengthen your offer to add value to your offer

  • You don't need to justify giving yourself a pay raise

  • You don't need to waste years incrementally raising your prices or testing your offers at different price points to see how they perform

  • You never again have to discount your offer feeling like a bolder price is only for a select few

Go from consistently wavering in your prices to an unshakable confidence in your value making you the magnet for high paying clients.

DEEP MONEY Is open for enrollment! Ready for a bolder price and a DEEP knowing that you will call in more and better clients at your new expansive price

  • Imagine you had deep and meaningful guidance to help you create and commit to revenue goals wilder than your wildest dreams like 5k-10k months, $30k launches, $100,000 years, and beyond.
  • Now imagine you could work with fewer people, offer them the highest quality support and have your bank account in overflow every month
  • Imagine people could feel the value pouring forth from you because you valued yourself enough to continue the growth of your business, and give yourself a pay increase.
  • Imagine how you'll feel being guided by a mentor that has doubled her prices twice, overnight, and without justifying it, went on to create over $170,000 in her business in under 2 years.


Eliminate money worries for good with a pricing structure that makes raising your rates feel easeful and brings your bank account into overflow.

I went from a traveling street artist singing for coins in a hat, volunteering for room and board, and working below minimum wage even though I had a Masters degree (talk about money blocks), to making consistent 5 figure months in less than a year and on my way to my first 6 figure month. 


I created a $35,000 launch, a $22,000 launch, a $15,000 launch, and a $44,000 launch working with small intimate groups.


I couldn't have done that with a low-cost offer. the groups would have to be filled to the brim if I wanted to meet my revenue goals.


I wasn't willing to lose the integrity of my offers by filling up my groups with anyone who could buy.


So overnight I raised my prices, and I had my highest income month ever.


In Deep Money, I show you exactly what I did to double my prices twice in my coaching career, and call in more leads and clients every time I did.


I know some thoughts that might come up for you around highly valuing your offers because I lived those thoughts. 


When I first desired more money, and a soul-satisfying business, I would look at the millionaires and think...


"Easy for you witch, you have a million dollar biz, of course money and clients flow to you" 


I would think limiting thoughts like... 


"I'll have to prove to my audience why I raised my prices and that takes effort" 


I would limit myself by saying...


"I don't have a big audience so I can't have a big price" 


I went around in circles with manifestation practices that didn't work.


I would stand in my own way by believing I would be denying where I came from if I made more of myself. 


I grew up lower-working class, bi racial, in a single mother household, on the "wrong side of the tracks" kind of vibe. 


But I committed to a Deep Money Lifestyle so that I could become a badass business owner, live my purpose, and help so many people along the way.

With my signature Deep Money process, I learned how to value myself so deeply that my high-value price just rolled off my tongue and people desired my offer after only a brief conversation. Some people enrolled without even needing a discovery call.


In DEEP MONEY, I put together all of the mindset tools, rituals, energetic practices, and pure magic money-expanding lessons to help you raise your prices and know that your offer is worth it.


The best part is you get me in your pocket to help you to eliminate money worries so that you're serving in your gifts freely and fully resourced.

You want to live in an overflow of abundance and be able to circulate your money in ways that feel GREAT.

Let's get you making more money in deep and meaningful ways with a higher price.

After this course, you'll be able to raise your rates with integrity.

Module 1: Create a Millionaire Mindset and Prepare to expand your energy field

Module 1: Create a Millionaire Mindset and Prepare to expand your energy field

We are the ones we've been waiting for and you don't have to wait any longer to feel like the millionaire you are becoming. This module will change everything you thought about money as we rewrite your money story and rewire your mind and heart for abundance.

  • The Holy Money Trinity:  neurology, psychology and spirit of money

  • The TRUE history of money that mainstream media will never tell you

  • Gain the perfect money mindset for a creative like you

  • Rewrite your money story so you no longer repel money


Module 1: Create a Millionaire Mindset and Prepare to expand your energy field

Module 2: Money Rituals for Releasing, Reprogramming & Expanding

Module 2: Money Rituals for Releasing, Reprogramming & Expanding

These are the actual energetic & physical rituals I engaged in to manifest more money and become an energetic match for more money than I thought was possible for me. This is not regurgitated knowledge. This is me opening my heart and sharing what really works when you do the inner work. 

  • Affirmations for money expansion THAT WORK & why they haven't worked in the past 

  • Reprogramming rituals to attract more money 

  • Sacred money date rituals to have fun with money

  • Clearing your energetic channel for maintaining wealth


Module 2: Money Rituals for Releasing, Reprogramming & Expanding

Module 3: Walking Your Wealth

Module 3: Walking Your Wealth

When you get your mindset right and expand in energetic awareness around money with your rituals, its time to practice prosperity consciousness out in the world. The manifestation happens when we physically interact with money differently as a result of the inner work. 

  • The energetic link between money and purpose

  • Pay yourself more and raise your prices with ease. The pricing strategy I give all of my private clients

  • How to invest back into yourself and let money support you

  • Blow past your upper limit threshold to maintain wealth once you've created it

  • Walk your wealth in real and tangible ways

Module 3: Walking Your Wealth

Deep Money Pricing Options




Heal your relationship with money and become the wealthiest version of yourself






Same course save some dough


Bonus course: social posts that sell 7 day fast start

Bonus course: social posts that sell 7 day fast start

When your mindset is expanded, you got your new shiny price you may want to write better content that brings more clients into your world.


Some people believe their life's purpose is to make money, but it is money that supports you in living your purpose. The more money I called in the more time I actually had to lounge around and bask in the glory of being a human rather than worrying. Let money support your expansion 


And let this bonus course teach you how to sell on social media in a feel good way.

Bonus course: social posts that sell 7 day fast start

What folx are saying about working with Christina

Christina's Program has given me a consistent, gentle push to overcome doubts about the worthiness of my work and has given me great tools to heartful marketing. I am stunned with the great skills I gained in these 4 weeks. 

- Mahé Nele Nashi

Straight away I was impressed by the detailed, factual information she delivers with ease and humour and I immediately thought “She knows what she is doing”. 

- Dom Hatcher

Christina is authentic, inspiring, supportive, fun and fabulous! In each step of this journey together, she showed up with the Know-how, showed up Consistently and Cared. Even after falling behind, where normally I might hide in shame and guilt, I was acknowledged, received, and supported. Investing in this course proved to be an investment in my own sense of self-value. 

- Chachi Crisler

This brilliant creative mentor is so amazing on so many levels! So sharp, wise organized and full of clear ideas that come from both the heart and business mind! I knew there was so much I didn't know and wasn't sure how to go about learning it on my own. I 100% immediately could feel the line up of our energy. Creatives, free spirits, & visionaries should jump in.

- Heather Angelheart

You can apply this information to anything you want to teach or share online and that is a priceless gift in these uncertain times. She shares as a revolutionary act of service to the collective that is helping to bring about and create the New Earth we are all birthing right now.

- Claire Hughes

Christina's sincere care and humor comes through easily through the graceful and full-hearted way she shows up. I've felt very held in her consistency and motivated to create the same type of structure and accountability in my own life.

- Diana Egizi

Your naturalness released mine in order to blossom free to be exactly as I am, such as all the technical tools that change my everyday flow considerably. I am just so grateful to have invested into myself through your channel, so powerful, I feel unstoppable in my ability to serve and expand now. Thank You

- Leo

Working with Christina was most rewarding because she was supportive when I needed her to be and hands off when I needed her to be, which suited me perfectly. She was a tremendous cheerleader and always found positive things to celebrate you for. Christina was a great sounding board and offered expert advice, but always in a light-handed way and was supportive of my own views.

- Dr. Shuna Marr

Who is Christina Gomes and why should you choose her to heal your relationship with money and help you create wealth?

I help creative visionaries, and soulpreneurs make soul-aligned money so that they can live the lifestyles they truly want to live, create success on their terms, and become badass business owners.

I truly believe awakened, big-hearted, talented souls should make more money so that we can redistribute the wealth, usher in the new paradigm and create real change in the world.

I didn't always have this kind of clarity or confidence.

I was working as a psychotherapist 9-5, in an office with no windows, when a traumatic event at work left me without a job and seeking spiritual solace.

I left default reality to travel the world with an ukulele and a dream.

I studied with Yogic and Taoist masters in the jungles of Thailand, and wandered through India on a motorbike. I sang in the streets of Istanbul and hitchhiked from Morocco to Portugal, all with very little cash.

To keep the dream of travel alive, I sang in dingy bars, volunteered in Yoga Ashrams, and worked for projects that weren't aligned with my values until I finally made the choice to bring prosperity into my life.

I started to study what successful entrepreneurs were doing, I hired mentors and I created my first online offering, which turned into 3 online offerings and ultimately the signature program I have today. 

I have made over $100,000 in sales with my one offer and multiple 5 figure months serving dream clients from around the world.

As my own boss, making my own hours and helping people connect to their creative essence, and soul purpose.

This is my dream life and I want to pull back the curtains to show you exactly how I did it so that you can do it too! 

I know you want a lifestyle that feels easeful, free and abundant. I know how hard its been trying everything, all the manifestation practices, all the business strategy and you still aren't reaching your revenue goals.

I've been there and I am so excited to reveal to you the practical magical side of business that you've been longing for.


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