Say it with me: space is SEXY

Say it with me: space is SEXY

Want to learn how I replaced my income as a psychotherapist & hit my first 6 figures working only 20hrs a week?


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Go from overworked transformational facilitator that is underpaid for their gifts to a high value guide with a sought after offer that creates multiple 5 figures of revenue in half the effort!


From my 10+ years of experience selling offers that range from $10 - $25,000 & helping my clients package up their gifts into offerings that sell, I've learned that most people think that in order to make 10k consistent months they need...

  • Decades in the industry

  • A big ads budget 

  • A huge following

    But those things will just waste your money and slow you down unless your offer includes these 4 vital elements that make your course, program or service a no brainer to your right fit clients.

In your high value offer checklist I'll teach you:

  • The must haves to include into your offer to position it as the number one solution to your clients desired transformation

  • Exclusive opportunity to learn how to custom tailor these 4 must haves to your business so that we can help you get to 10k months sooner than you think.

  • Plus a Bonus Masterclass where I teach you about the model of biz that brought me 100k years while adding in more space than I ever had before


What Soulprenuers Are Saying

My new 4 figure price is rolling off my tongue like diamonds.

-Chanaijia- Holitic Health Coach & Intuitive Guide

I had a 9.5k launch my FIRST launch of a brand new offer. I went from struggling to sell a $44 membership offer to attracting a one on one client for my healing work (SHE PAID ME 8.5k!!!)

- Jane Chaisson- Manifestation Guide & Healer

I made $30,000 in 4 months. I got to leave my job as a live in caretaker and move my family to our own beautiful house in nature. I FEEL high value

- Aimee Takaya Somatics Facilitator

I 10x my price and attracted my first mentorship client without needing a big launch.

- Jennifer Monterrosso - Mayan Time Keeper

Christina has the incredible talent of helping you find your blockages and mirror your process so beautifully to you. I made 6,000 Euro in 2 days and have a brand new perspective on Marketing.

- Mahe Ravi Hardev - Doula for deep intimacy

One of those decisions I feel was a great one. I am deeply grateful for your presence and gifts

- Jun Fuch - Coach for Conscious Activists

I am just so grateful to have invested in myself through your channel, so powerful, I feel unstoppable in my ability to serve and expand now... It already came back 4x so it's definitely worthwhile

- Leo - Shamanic Guide

Christina's sincere care and humor comes through easily in the graceful and full-hearted way she shows up

- Diana Ezigi - Vocal Empowerment Facilitator


Call in your most resonant & ready to buy clients on repeat with methods that bring your soul calling forward.

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