Hey There, High Value Baddie

Have you ever wondered how to create financial freedom without sacrificing your time freedom or location freedom? 

There are 4 archetypes of the high value guide and In this 5 minute quiz I’ll help you unlock your own unique key code to financial freedom and soul aligned success.


  • Go from inconsistent income to repeatable processes that grow your business naturally while you get to do what you love the most (work with your clients).

  • Go from needing to reinvent the wheel every month with a new offer to your soul aligned offer becoming well known having clients seek YOU out vs. you needing to go and find them.

  • Go from stagnancy in your biz to total self expression with an offer you're absolutely in love with that sells itself month after month.

Christina is a conscious creative business coach, a singer songwriter, and a muse for your own creative power.

She helps soulprenuers create a high value offer and sell it out even on their first launch.

After she received her Masters's degree in Clinical Psychology in 2008, she went on to travel the world writing and singing her original tunes in over 30 countries.

Combining her rich, in depth study of creativity through the lens of humanity with the evidenced based practices she learned as a clinical therapist, Christina works with creativity as a healing art form, and spiritual entrepreneurs and visionary leaders become 6 figure savvy soulpreneurs with a high value offer that puts them on the map of sought after coaches, mentors, healers or guides.