Hey Soul Led Leader

Have you ever wondered how to stand out online with a message that expresses your unique brilliance without needing to feel like you’re screaming over other coaches, mentors, & guides or convincing the whole world of your worth?

There are 4 categories of self expression on social media and In this 5 minute quiz I’ll help you unlock your own unique category of self expression so you can create the kind of content that nourishes your audience and invites them to work with you without feeling like you’re watering down your voice to be palatable to the masses.


  • Go from writing content that gets crickets to fully owning your unique voice on social media and getting DM's from potential clients who are ready to invest

  • Go from sounding like everyone else on the internet to posting the content that encourages soul aligned clients/customers/students to reach out to you instead of you having to go find them and convince them to buy.

  • Overcome the fear of people trolling you or disagreeing with your posts to writing and sharing your most edgy posts without letting potential comments dim your expression.

Christina is a conscious creative business coach, a singer songwriter, and a muse for your own creative power.

She helps soulprenuers create a high value offer and sell it out even on their first launch.

After she received her Masters's degree in Clinical Psychology in 2008, she went on to travel the world writing and singing her original tunes in over 30 countries.

Combining her rich, in depth study of creativity through the lens of humanity with the evidenced based practices she learned as a clinical therapist, Christina works with creativity as a healing art form, and spiritual entrepreneurs and visionary leaders become 6 figure savvy soulpreneurs with a high value offer that puts them on the map of sought after coaches, mentors, healers or guides.