Soulpreneur are you ready to create your signature offer and create prosperity from your gifts and talents?

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Introducing Conscious Creators Group Coaching Program

A sacred container to take you from idea (or many ideas) to a prosperous online program that you feel confident to offer the world, plus the know how to promote your offer with heart, and the skills to sell it with soul, so you can be your own boss, and gain financial freedom.

With Christina Gomes

This is an application only program


Does this sound like you?


"I'm a great space holder, educator, or service provider, and I'm ready to create an offer that 'I'm confident to share so I can work from anywhere & make a bigger impact in this life."


"I desire to step into my purpose FULLY supported, in community & with a mentor that gets the creative process"


"I'm ready to host a transformational program that has long-lasting effects"


"I would love to magnetize my ideal clients and students into my courses, programs, and offerings with ease & create the kind of abundance I know is possible for me and my family."


 making my own hours, helping people transform, and being my own boss is a dream come true!


I've created a program to teach you step by step how to create, launch, and sell your transformational, online program to excited students, and clients without being a tech genius or having an influencer type of following.


Mentorship Plus Community Mastermind Support & lifetime access to your online learning portal & conscious collective. (I coach in the collective weekly & you get lifetime access to that support)

Imagine you had a step by step plan, that allowed you to create a truly transformational offer while creating revenue goals wilder than your wildest dreams.

Now imagine you had a proven system to reach those goals, on your terms.

Now imagine you didn't have to do it alone. 

Conscious Creators Group Coaching Container comes with 360 support. You will feel held in this community.


Featured Testimonial

"I highly recommend this course for people who don't know where to start and need extra support"




Get crystal clear on your course topic and a true-to-you message.

Learn how to magnetize your soulmate clients & gain the confidence it takes to show your gifts in the online space.

Set your launch goals, name your program, and get a step by step, customizable plan to reach who you are meant to serve.

Scripts, templates, and customizable trello boards included.


I will take you step by step through creating the course curriculum, and hosting your first offer, no fancy tech required.  

You can do all this without a website, funnel, or ads your first time & without much overhead, so you can get a very quick return on your investment.

I help you validate your offer and make it the best offer it can be so that you can feel confident in your innate gifts and talents.


This is not a self-paced, DIY program. I am personally in our community group daily for coaching and our weekly live calls will offer you breakthrough after breakthrough.

Conscious Course Creator Comes with a private community group of soulprenuers like you who are all about implementation grounding our dreams into reality and aligning our actions with our desires.

Module 1: Conscious Business Foundations

Set your intentions, hone in on your dream client avatar, create your magnetic mantra for attracting your soulmate clients and learn to post on purpose so that your time spent in the online space is intentional, purposeful and magnetizes who you are most meant to serve.

Module 2: Crystal Clarity 

Set a launch date, vision your successful offer, and name your program so that all you have to do is align your actions with this clear vision. 

When you know the outcomes of your offer, you can begin the step-by-step process of putting your offer out into the world.

Get your dreams out of the astral and into the earth realm.


Module 3: Create Consistency & Momentum

Have you ever wondered HOW people actually prosper from their online businesses? They have a plan for service, and they are in it for the long game.

Here we tap into what makes you unique and we make a plan to show up consistently in a way that lights you up.

When you consistently share that uniqueness with the world, using my methods, you become a magnet for soulmate students, clients, success, and prosperity... confidently. Without needing a big following at first.

I teach you how to create an audience off of social media so your creativity isn't stifled by algorithms.

Create an aligned AF freebie and build an active email community.


Module 4: Create, Launch & Sell

Learn how to create your program curriculum and client journey with client success in mind & create the perfect offer to go with it.

Learn how to validate your creation and offer. When you know the work you do gets results, & you can confidently speak about it, you become a magnet for soulmate students, clients, and customers.

Learn the sacred art of selling. Launch your program and hit your goals. Learn the anatomy of a sales page, & learn how to grow and scale your offer successfully. Be your own boss, doing purposeful work in the world.

When you don't worry about money, you free your headspace for more creativity. One way to not worry about money is to know you are a magnet for it. The more money good-hearted people like you have, the more resources you have for making the world a more creative place. Honor the sacred cash flow, & learn the art of selling as a service.

Featured Testimonial

"I was able to 4x my investment in 8 weeks and my business continues to grow."



Success Stories

Matthew Michael 

Matthew has big dreams. As the founder of Arco Isis Sanctuary, a retreat center overlooking famed, Lake Atitlán, Matthew values both personal development and professional growth.

He had purchased programs in the past, including in-person events with Tony Robbins, but it wasn't until he got the individualized support he needed from CCC, that he was able to launch his new course, Mediation Made Easy.

With the skills he learned, he was able to see where a course fit into his overall business model, and how he could grow his community retreat center by creating digital offerings.

He is now projected to earn 100k this year launching and selling his digital courses and offering live events as part of the Ascension Model he learned in Conscious Course Creators.

Success Stories

Meghan Smolka

Meghan pivoted her career during Conscious Creators. Starting as a professional photographer, she knew she wanted to offer her knowledge and skills in Reiki, because this modality had transformed her own life so beautifully.

She went from hesitant to confident in 4 weeks, and has gone on to enroll women into her brand new, signature course Reiki for self healing.

She honed in on her message and grew an engaged audience in less than 4 weeks with the step by step process she learned in CCC. She now has the confidence and skill to launch her course to raving students and continue to grow her sacred offering.

Success Stories

Mahé Nele Nashi

One of our international Course Creators, Mahé was ready to get clear on her offer and get more visible so she could serve more people in her business.

After only 4 weeks, she enrolled her dream clients into her online space, and has built the confidence to show up consistently for herself and her big dreams. 

Her favorite thing about this program is that she gets to return to the community that has held her and watched her grow. 

As a member of Conscious Creators, she, and everyone who enrolls gets lifetime access to this mastermind. She can return again and again each time for the live component and grow her business with support.


Success Stories

Naomi Bevan

Naomi is a hypnotherapist and Yoga educator who desired an abundant life doing her powerful work in the world.

She had some clients already, but after enrolling in Conscious Course Creators she was able to position herself as the go-to homie in her field fast and people started to reach out to her asking how they could pay her.

She became a magnet for her soulmate clients, and has her own practice as an expat working in her desired location.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Send a question to [email protected]

Lifetime access to the course. And I mean lifetime! You can rejoin the live breakthrough calls each time a new batch of students enroll.

5 modules, over 20 video lessons with downloadable worksheets, guides & step by step action plans.

Exclusive FB community group with Live group weekly group coaching calls.

Get your questions answered during the week, in between the live breakthrough sessions in our community questions thread.

You have the option to upgrade to VIP which includes 3 high touch 1 hr sessions over 8 weeks dedicated to you and your business growth. 3 SPOTS LEFT.

You are not alone, I surveyed my audience and many people had no idea, or way too many ideas.

So we start from scratch with a proven method to narrow down your course topic and predict if your course will sell with that topic.

If you have more than one idea, we will choose one and get into aligned action mode. You can always create another program later, but lets start with one and make it prosperous.

We are in this together and you get feedback every step of the way.


No. you can actually get started building your audience with no website and work towards that.

I found many of my clients got stuck on the logos, the website and design (myself included) but no logo ever made me a dime, it was me ACTUALLY doing the work that worked. When you are flowing with money, hire someone to create your website exactly how you vision it.

And if you choose Kajabi as your hosting platform for your course, you get a website, email funnels and as many sales pages as you like completely customizable.

After you enroll, you will be emailed a password for your online learning portal. In the portal, the video lessons will be there waiting for you so you can dive right in.

You will receive an invitation into our community group where our weekly breakthrough calls will be.

We have a community questions thread to answer your individual questions in between our calls.

You will want to keep up with the pre recorded content, so that our live calls are more powerful. but remember you have lifetime access. Entrepreneurship is not over after 8 weeks, but this will start you off confidently.

If you upgrade to VIP, I will personally send you the enrollment link to book your one on one mentorship sessions.

Bonus 1: My Cosmic Creative Vault a vault of ancient knowledge and modern practices to stay in a creative flow and release creative blocks including money blocks!

Bonus 2: My 1hr masterclass on the art of intuitive coaching. Bring more of your intuitive gifts into the coaching space.

Bonus 3: My course Lights, Camera, Confidence to help you to be confident on camera.

Any questions? I am standing by FB messenger this week to answer your questions. see the blue messenger icon in the bottom right? Ask a question and you will get a response directly from me within an hour of normal biz hours.

Who is Christina Gomes and why should you choose her as your Conscious Creative Coach?

I help adventurous creatives become rebel entreprenuers so that they can work from anywhere, be their own boss, and gain financial freedom, while doing meaningful work in the world.

I didn't always have this kind of clarity or confidence.

I was working as a psychotherapist 9-5, in an office with no windows, when a traumatic event at work left me without a job and seeking spiritual solace.

I left default reality to travel the world with an ukulele and a dream.

I studied with Yogic and Taoist masters in the jungles of Thailand, and wandered through India on a motorbike. I sang in the streets of Istanbul and hitchhiked from Morocco to Portugal, all with very little cash.

To keep the dream of travel alive, I sang in dingy bars, volunteered in Yoga Ashrams, and worked for projects that weren't aligned with my values until I finally made the choice to bring prosperity into my life.

I started to study what successful entreprenuers were doing, I hired mentors and I created my first digital course, which turned into 3 courses and ultimately financial freedom, as my own boss, making my own hours and helping people connect to their creative essence.

This is my dream life and I want to pull back the curtains to show you exactly how I did it, so that you can do it too! I'm looking forward to seeing what we can create together.


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