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Create, launch, sell

Christina is a conscious creative business coach, a singer songwriter, and a vocal empowerment leader.

She helps creatives own the power in their creative voice, unearth their soul purpose and channel it into a prosperous online offering.

After she received her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology in 2008, she went on to travel the world writing and singing her original tunes in over 30 countries.

Combining her rich, in depth study of creativity through the lens of humanity with the evidenced based practices she learned as a clinical therapist, Christina works with creativity as a healing art form, helps people elevate their money consciousness, and step courageously forward into a life of purpose and prosperity.

My Story

After 5 years on the travel road, I woke up next to Mnt. Shasta, the root chakra of the world, with an epiphany.

6 years earlier I left my office job as a psychotherapist after I was attacked, leaving me creatively drained and seeking spiritual development.

So with my ukulele, a backpack and a dream I went on a worldwide adventure.

I studied at the foot of Masters in Thailand and India, I communed with plant spirits in Indigenous communities in Central America. I hitch hiked from Africa to Portugal, and sang in the streets of Istanbul.

I was living an extraordinary life fueled by my creative passions, but my bank account simply would not let me LIVE.

The cash I received singing in bars and reverting to odd jobs that were not in alignment with my soul's mission was not cutting it.

There was no way to fund this passionate travel life I was living, while being prosperous, or so I thought.

Overlooking the snow capped peaks of Mnt. Shasta, desiring for a purposeful and prosperous life, I realized I needed to build a business online so that I could continue to work from anywhere, while sharing my gifts and talents with the world.

I vowed to no longer work for a project that didn’t light me up, set my soul on fire and bring me the type of prosperity which is all of our divine birthright.

So I studied. I studied what successful entrepreneurs were doing. I bought courses, I chose mentors and I dug deep into what it was I really wanted to share in this life.

I'm Christina Gomes, the mystic rebel and founder of

I help conscious creatives, starting an online business, release creative blocks so that they can create with confidence, sell with soul and earn an inspired income online.

Living a prosperous life, on your terms, is your divine birthright.

Struggling and following oppressive, outdated paradigms is not the way my friends.

We get to usher in a new paradigm of creativity and prosperity. I can help you tap into your natural, creative essence and bring your gifts forth in a playful way.

Presenting your gifts online authentically and with integrity, and learning how to sell with soul can be done.

Expanding and growing your message and your magnetism with heart centered practices and automated systems is the next level that will lead you to the prosperous life you’ve been dreaming of.

After deciding that prosperity was my path, and I was no longer going to live in a scarcity mindset, I built my online business.

I have automated sales systems that magnetize my soulmate students and clients and give me freedom to travel and play.

I wake up to a prosperous life everyday. 

I'm not saying there wasn't work involved, but everyday I get to serve my peeps in a heart centered way, while making my own hours, and saying no to the things that don't nourish my soul.

I did it and so can you.

I’ve developed the Prosperity Path to make it clear how to reach your big dreams. There will be work, there will be depth involved, and you have to be ready, but if you are, let's take the next steps together. 

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