The Conscious Creative Podcast

The Conscious Creative Podcast

Hosted by: Christina Gomes

The Conscious Creative Podcast is your weekly dose of soul to soul conversation that will have you saying ✌🏽 "peace out" to your 9-5 to explore your sacred calling, with topics centered around conscious business and...

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Ep. 67 The 3 F's to Financing Your Future & Making Wise Investments In Your Business

🎙️ Welcome to another episode of The Conscious Creative Podcast In this episode, we talk about debt and how to make debt work for you. We talk about the common mistakes people make on the path to financial freedom and...
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Ep. 66 Client Success Interview: How human design is the true link between science and spirit

In this episode, we'll explore the world of human design and quantum life coaching with Alison Baker. We'll talk about the fascinating connection between science and spirit, emphasizing the impact of neutrinos on our...
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Ep. 65 How to Sell a 4-figure Offer in Integrity

In this empowering episode, we delve into the world of soul-led businesses, focusing on two pivotal aspects: pricing and messaging. ✨ Discover how soulpreneurs can transition from selling low-cost offers to high-value...
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Ep. 64 Questions to ask yourself to discover if investing in yourself and your business is a good idea or if you should just try it out on your own.

Join us in this episode where we explore the coaching industry's challenges. In this episode, reflect on your coaching experiences and assess alignment with goals and values. Christina underscores the role of...
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Ep. 63 Topic Pressure & Burnout

Welcome to an extraordinary episode of The Conscious Creative Podcast. Today, we embark on a transformative journey through the intricate layers of personal growth, soulpreneurship, and the sacred art of holding...
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EP. 62 Why learn to launch if you have a one-on-one offer?

In today's episode, we're about to take a deep dive into the exciting world of making your business a success and mastering the art of launching. I'm here to guide you through different business models, from top-notch...
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Ep. 61 How I turned my first 1k in my biz into half a mil 3 years later (working with the BEST clients)

Welcome to a brand new episode of "The Conscious Creative Podcast," wherein we delve into the remarkable stories of success, transformation, and the pursuit of one's sacred calling. Today, we have an inspiring journey...
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Ep. 60 5 Ways to infuse more FUN into your launches

Welcome to another exciting episode of The Conscious Creative Podcast! Today, we're shaking things up and diving deep into how adding a little fun to your launches can skyrocket your success. I'm your host, Christina...
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Ep. 59 Marketing vs. Manifestation How To Supercharge Your Launches

Welcome to the Conscious Creative Podcast! Join Christina Gomes as she explores the synergy between Manifestation and Marketing. In this episode, discover how belief shapes success, the science behind manifestation,...
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Ep. 58 High Value Pricing Vs. High Ticket Pricing: How To Raise Your Rates With Integrity

You want to raise your rates with integrity and still attract right fit clients into your courses, programs, and offers with ease. This episode is for you. Discover why people struggle with raising their rates and how...
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Ep. 57 The Secrets Of The Archetypes: An Interview With Rhabb Seymour, Professional Astrologer

Join Rhabb and Christina in this insightful interview as they explore the realms of personal growth, astrology, and soul-led leadership. Discover the transformative power of surrounding yourself with growth-oriented...
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Ep. 56 This One Thing Is The Money Maker!

Find out what actually attracts clients to you (and it's not what you think) Want to catch the replays of the LIVE Magnetic Messaging Course? Join my membership and get the self paced version and the LIVE replays AND...
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