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learn how to write lyrics of a song with soul.

Join my 5 day soulful song writers challenge. Learn tips and techniques to write song lyrics with soul, even if you don't play an instrument, or you've never written a song before. 

If you're already a song writer, jump into this challenge and level up on soul, as I take you step by step through my soulful songwriting process.

Join, before someone writes the song you could have. We are the wild ones, a song on our breath.

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Creative Retreats & International Residencies

Join Christina Gomes live in Guatemala to free your creativity from creative blocks and enhance your creative potential.

Mystical Lake Atitlan is a perfect backdrop to join a creative community. Check out upcoming retreats.

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Feeling Creatively Blocked?

Within each of us is an inner artist waiting to be expressed. Your expressive nature is calling to you. Are you ready to release creative blocks and boost creativity?

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Join Me & My Creative Friends at Lake Atitlan For The Living Heart Alchemy Residency

Together we will dive deep into the Source of all Creation, manifest through connection and dance, sound healing and music, Earth practices, high frequency nutrition, permaculture, yoga and energy arts, plant medicine and more!


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