Creative expression is the divine’s way of seeing itself expressed as everything.

What in the fractal do I mean by that?

Please be forewarned we’re about to get all woo woo up in here, but believe me, if you read on and practice, you may breakthrough to a creative piece of yourself that feels a little like divinity.

Albert Einstein once said “Strange is our situation here upon this earth. Each of us comes for a short visit, not knowing why, yet sometimes seeming to a divine purpose.” If you haven’t found your purpose yet, my advice is to create one. Through connecting with our own creativity we connect deeper to all things.

There are 3 ways I connect to creative energy
1. Connecting to sexual energy
2. Examining creations stories
3. Chanting the Seed Mantra VAM

Lets first take a look at the mystical, sought after, and often taboo topic of sexual energy.

My Toaist teacher Mantuk Chia described to me how powerful sexual energy can be by reminding me that it’s a force great enough to create another human being; a being who takes consciousness to a whole other level, a being, like you, who is a creative force on this planet.

As a human being, it is your divine right to continue to utilize this sexual energy to create more little humans on the planet. AND this sexual, creative energy, has another magic power.

Did you know, you can harness this energy to create whatever your heart desires? I believe we were put on this planet to create. And not just procreate, but share our depths with the world, so that the universe, which we are apart of, can recognize itself in the individual. Creative expression is how we show up as individuals.

If you’re down with spirituality, as much as I am, then a part of you knows we are all one connected and whole. And yet the paradox of this is there you are reading my words with your own two eyes relating to this message through a perspective built on your own unique experiences and individuality. Your opinions, expression, and personality are also your creative expression in the world.

As humans, we have created stories to explain why we are here, and our divine purpose in life.

What better way to connect to creativity than by understanding creation stories themselves. One such creation story, shortened up by me is as follows. The sound of Om, in the Yoga tradition, is the primordial sound that created the universe. Great masters, meditators, and mystics have experienced Om when practicing transcendental meditation. In the Hindu creation story, through the silence, the universe was created by the sound of om, and here we are, millennia later, a ripple effect of that first sound. We are still vibrating with the sound embedded within each of us.

Each person has a vibrancy, a frequency, and a core way they show up in the world. And deeper still, each organ, each atom, each molecular structure is all vibrating. I definitely didn’t make this stuff up, it’s all being studied by quantum physicists right now. Science has yet to discover something that isn’t vibrating.

We know that empty space is an illusion. Space is filled with energy vibrating and humming like sound. We are always connected by this energy. So why then do we sometimes feel so alone? I believe it is because we have energetic blocks that prevent the flow of creative energy.

To release these creative blocks, I chant the Mantra VAM to connect with the vibration of the Swadistana Chakra.

We are all artists, and your life is yours to create. Right now, as I formulate and create these ideas and paint a visual story for your comprehension or maybe uncomprehension, I am connected to my energy body & specifically the Swadistana Chakra.

The Swadistana Chakra or sacral chakra is where the creative energy is located in our energetic system. This chakra is located 3 finger lengths under your belly button (pssst also, if you’re a woman, where your womb is …The part of us that literally creates other humans)

This chakra symbolizes our creative energy. Whenever we create something, a piece of art, a well-crafted joke, a good cup of coffee even, we are tapping into this creative energy. Sometimes on a daily basis, we turn vibration into form, turning beans into grounds into freaking COFFEE! baristas are a pure creative force.

When our creative energy is blocked, we may feel shame or lack of true pleasure and we may experience issues related to intimacy. When we are balanced in this creativity, we are able to produce works of art in anything we express, a painting, an essay, a pastry, or a child.

We’re not entirely sure how the universe was created, by an om, by a big bang, or by God himself, but we can be certain in some sense, we were created here. I believe the best way to honor that creative energy is to continue to create.

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