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Create Your Incantation To Change Your Vibration From Scarcity To Abundance

creativity Mar 29, 2020

At your core, you are wild and free. You are untamed and your voice has an innate power that you can tap into daily. I call this your untamed voice. 

We have been taught to be tame, to be nice, and to not veer too far from the norm. Well, now we are in the midst of a great shift. We get to speak into existence what we wish to create and untame our voices.

In my last post we learned how beliefs shape our reality, well here we are going to reshape our reality and rewrite our story with an incantation.

An incantation is an affirmation with the power of magic behind it. An affirmation is a statement that you can use to rewire the neural pathways of your brain.

Our beliefs are very ingrained in our minds. Our regular beliefs create neural pathways in our brain, which creates behaviors that form our habits.

You can work with the power of your voice to create new neural pathways in the brain and create new healthy habits for your life. By repeating your incantation every morning you are allowing for a new belief to settle in.

If you didn't believe in magic before, you will when you realize how powerful your incantation can be for your psyche and your life in general.

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Take this opportunity to become the magical, untamed, creative you were meant to be.