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I am a water blessing: 3 ways to connect with water for living well and in right relationship today.

“Be a water blessing!”. Cheryl Angel, Indigenous leader, and water protector stood at the base of the stream as it becomes the sea and lovingly invited us to take our coveted roles as water blessings and water protectors. 

It felt like an initiation into a club to which I had always belonged. 

Pic by Austin Queen Media

Beneath the Alaskan glaciers, overlooking the peak of the world, a genuine spark came across my mind of what it really means to protect our waters, and how I can every day take actions to do that. 

I had never made it to Standing Rock to stand against the pipeline which brought so much attention to the global fight to protect water and to protect life on this planet in 2016.

I watched the fight in awe as I was in Thailand teaching Yoga to eager seekers. I believe many of us come to Yoga for the unified feeling we receive from the practices and teachings. I learned how to be a better human through Yoga and so as I watched my brothers and...

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Back To The Roots Of Yoga

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a Yoga teacher?

When you are lying in savasana after a great Yoga class, do you ever wonder about the deeper aspects of this practice?

When I first started practicing Yoga, I wanted to...

1. turn my peaceful after-Yoga-glow into an everyday occurrence &

2. be able to understand what all those fancy words, in a somehow recognizable ancient tongue were all about.

I understood on a deep level that my one hour a week of Yoga was simply scratching the surface of a grand transformation I could feel coming.

I felt that there was something beyond the movement, but I didn't yet have the words to explain what it all meant, and why I felt so connected to myself after a Yoga class.

This is how I became a seeker.

When there is a bit of information that feels like truth, I tend to want to understand the depths. Can you relate?

Yoga is an ancient practice, I didn't realize that fully until I crossed distant lands, as they did in ancient times, to sit at...

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Shakti Power: 3 Natural Ways to Increase Creativity


What is the juice of creativity; the sweet nectar that inspires us to write a poem, paint a canvas, sing from the heart or play like a child? This creative muse is called by many names, one name I’ve been connecting with recently is Shakti Kundalini.

Shakti, in the Yogic tradition coming from India, is the dynamic force that moves through all forms of the universe. From the splitting of an atom to the collapsing of a star, Shakti is primordial cosmic energy.

Shakti has been worshiped as the divine energy that creates and destroys. Shakti devotees call upon her form in the different incarnations of the Goddess. Since Shakti is energy, Shakti manifests in different qualities. To harness a specific energy of Shakti we imagine a Goddess with human features yet with superhuman powers or Siddhis.

The Goddess we invoke may be a sweet one, offering knowledge and music, or she may be fierce offering her power to slay demons of mythical and real-life consequence. She has many names and...

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