Creative expression is the divine’s way of seeing itself expressed as everything.

What in the fractal do I mean by that?

Please be forewarned we’re about to get all woo woo up in here, but believe me, if you read on and practice, you may breakthrough to a creative piece of yourself that feels a little like divinity.

Albert Einstein once said “Strange is our situation here upon this earth. Each of us comes for a short visit, not knowing why, yet sometimes seeming to a divine purpose.” If you haven’t found your purpose yet, my advice is to create one. Through connecting with our own creativity we connect deeper to all things.

There are 3 ways I connect to creative energy
1. Connecting to sexual energy
2. Examining creations stories
3. Chanting the Seed Mantra VAM

Lets first take a look at the mystical, sought after, and often taboo topic of sexual energy.

My Toaist teacher Mantuk Chia described to me how powerful sexual energy can be by reminding me...