Shakti Power: 3 Natural Ways to Increase Creativity


What is the juice of creativity; the sweet nectar that inspires us to write a poem, paint a canvas, sing from the heart or play like a child? This creative muse is called by many names, one name I’ve been connecting with recently is Shakti Kundalini.

Shakti, in the Yogic tradition coming from India, is the dynamic force that moves through all forms of the universe. From the splitting of an atom to the collapsing of a star, Shakti is primordial cosmic energy.

Shakti has been worshiped as the divine energy that creates and destroys. Shakti devotees call upon her form in the different incarnations of the Goddess. Since Shakti is energy, Shakti manifests in different qualities. To harness a specific energy of Shakti we imagine a Goddess with human features yet with superhuman powers or Siddhis.

The Goddess we invoke may be a sweet one, offering knowledge and music, or she may be fierce offering her power to slay demons of mythical and real-life consequence. She has many names and many forms, and each form may have many arms, holding objects which further help us to understand her qualities.

To the Yogi, each Goddess is a manifestation of the Divine Mother, which animates the seen and uneen forces of nature.

Having grown up in a western world where my Goddesses were princesses trapped in towers, who could only be saved by a small Italian man named Mario or sometimes Luigi, it is refreshing to know that there are spiritual practices based on the worship of the powerful feminine qualities.

Furthermore, it awakens something in me to know these qualities of the Divine Mother, aren’t powerful in a modern, masculine sense of brute force or strength, but rather intelligence, creativity, and fierce compassion.

The most life-affirming realization I’ve had while visiting India is that singing is one of the most efficient ways to activate Shakti Kundalini, the potent creative force which exists in all humans, yet lies dormant in most. When we awaken this Shakti power, our creative capacities increase. Poets, sages, and artists all have the spark of Shakti Kundalini awakened.

To chant the names of the Divine is to invoke the Divine in the space. And since your life is already divine by the nature of your existence, it is to invoke the noticing of that which is and has always been.

Singing helps us remember our true nature, singing helps us remember our divinity, singing clears the stagnant energy from our system so we can more vibrantly experience the juicy sweetness of life.

The 3 powerful ways to get your creativity flowing are:

1. Sing; sing for yourself 
2. Sing; sing for another 
3. Sing; sing in a group

Sing the names of the different Goddesses, sing your favorite song on the radio, or sing a song you made up, but see to it you choose a song you resonate with.

If you can sing in a group.

Group singing scientifically enhances the quality of your life. People all over the world from the Amazonian jungles to the Tibetan mountains have been making sounds together for no telling how long. When we sing together, something deep within us wakes up. We can now identify this something as Shakti Kundalini, or you can identify it as creative life force energy, or you can identify it as the molecular structure of your body, your DNA, reaching back through time and connecting with your ancestors who definitely sat in circles singing. However you identify with the feeling of community singing, I hope you have the opportunity to experience the richness of community singing.

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