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Ep 78 Client Success: How Lucy infused breathwork WITH her coaching certification to craft a truly high-value offering for her clients.

In this captivating conversation, host Christina engages in a soul-stirring dialogue with the remarkable Lucy, a beacon of light in the world of healing and mentorship. Together, they explore the depths of the womb space, the power of rituals, and the profound journey of motherhood.

Awakening the Womb Space (25:37 - 28:04)

  • Lucy shares her insights on connecting with the womb space as a source of wisdom and creation.
  • They discuss the societal programming around the womb and the importance of nurturing and loving this sacred space within ourselves.
  • Lucy emphasizes the connection between healing the womb and activating one's voice and empowerment.

Embracing Motherhood and Passing on Wisdom (28:56 - 32:39)

  • The conversation shifts to the profound connection between the womb space and motherhood.
  • Lucy reflects on the importance of passing on healing tools and rituals to her daughter, fostering a deeper connection to womanhood and self-awareness.
  • Christina highlights the significance of generational healing and the transformative impact it has on future generations.

The Power of Community and Mentorship (33:28 - 37:50)

  • Christina and Lucy reminisce about their experiences in supportive communities and the transformative power of mentorship.
  • Lucy shares her journey of growth and self-discovery within a nurturing group environment.
  • Christina emphasizes the importance of finding community and support on the healing journey, whether through business programs or personal development initiatives.

Closing Thoughts and Action Steps (37:51 - End)

  • Christina expresses gratitude for the enlightening conversation and encourages listeners to connect with Lucy on Instagram (@sister.soaring).
  • Lucy reflects on her journey of healing and offers a heartfelt message to her younger self, reminding us all that pain and struggle pave the path to understanding and growth.
  • Christina concludes by urging listeners to embrace the healing journey, showing up for themselves, and finding support along the way.

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