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Ep. 79 Three Reasons Why Big Hearted People Tend To Overwork & Still Are Underpaid (And What To Do Instead

Join us for an eye-opening episode where we delve deep into the reasons why big-hearted individuals often find themselves overworking and undercharging in their businesses. 

Christina shares powerful insights on how to break free from this cycle, step into your worth, and attract clients who value your offerings. 

Get ready to shift your mindset, set boundaries, and unleash your true potential in this transformative discussion.

Episode Highlights:

02:15 - The Overworking Trap

Learn why society's glorification of suffering and overwork is keeping you stuck in a cycle of burnout and underpayment.

10:30 - The Myth of "Nice"

Discover why being overly nice can actually be detrimental to your business and how to set boundaries that honor your true worth.

18:45 - Valuing Your Skills

Explore the importance of recognizing the true value of your coaching, mentoring, and healing skills, and why it's essential to align your pricing accordingly.

27:00 - Stepping into Worthiness

Find out how to cultivate a mindset of worthiness and abundance, allowing you to confidently express the value of your work and attract ideal clients effortlessly.

35:45 - Taking Action

Learn practical steps to shift your mindset, set boundaries, and confidently express the true value of your offerings in your business.

Discover how you can work with Christina to unlock your full potential, attract high-paying clients, and create a thriving business that aligns with your values.

Don't miss this empowering episode filled with actionable insights and strategies to help you break free from overwork, underpayment, and step into your worth. 

Tune in now!


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